• Woven Shawl

    Cathedral Grove, woven by Larry Murdock One of the most spiritual places I have ever visited is Cathedral Grove in Muir Woods, California. The richness of the colors, the majestic trees, and the peaceful solitude invigorates your soul. I don't think you can visit there without feeling a stirring in your heart and mind. The green and rust remind me of the towering redwoods. This V-Shawl is made by weaving a 36' panel and then pulling 40" to 42" of unwoven warp through the heddles. Then you cut that portion off the loom. Weave another 36" panel. Return the cut off warp to your loom and carefully weave the unwoven ends across the warp. This reconnects the two panels and you now have an assembled V-Shawl.

    Value: $150

  • OSU Memorabilia

    1968 National Championship poster signed by #87 Rock Smith Medallions from the United States of America and Buckeye Nation Alumni 2007 National Championship program signed by Jim Tressel

    Value: $250

  • Heaven's Door Distillery, Bob Dylan signature Bourbon Whiskey

    * Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    * Double Barrel Whiskey
    * Straight Rye Whiskey
    There will also be a Bob Dylan tee shirt and Bob Dylan record in the package.

    Value: $250

  • Robbin's Hunter Museum Behind-the-Scenes Tour

    See the grand old house on Broadway. From the underground Kappa Sigma Chapter Room to the quirky octagon room and up the back stairs to the working area, find out why this Granville residence is considered by architects to be one of America’s greatest Greek Revival masterpieces. Hear the stories of those who lived here, including the families and servants, two fraternities, and Robbins Hunter, Jr. Take a peek inside the Victoria Woodhull clock tower to see what makes her tick! Lunch will follow from Alfie’s Wholesome Food.


  • Golf and Cigars

    A round of golf at Moundbuilders Country Club for 4 with cart, lunch, and a humidor full of cigars.

    Donated by Patrick and Danielle Ford


  • Tulane VS OSU

    Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

    Donated by Don and Pat Jones


  • 12 months of Pie and Velvet Ice Cream

    Donated by Jack Neely and Velvet Ice Cream